Can we mange and push monthly patches to WVD devices using sccm 2006?


Can we deploy monthly patches and packages ( sccm applications ) to MS WVD devices? or is it only be done via Intune? Pls help me to understand. Many Thanks.

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    Sir, another quick question. Once the agent is installed on WVD, could see machine showing up in our sccm, however, when I try to initiate client actions using right click tool ( Recast ) seeing error ink “No such host is known” how can we fix this and in case if agent is broken can we initiate click push from sccm. How do we know WVD machine names that do not have agent.


    Ok, we are having multi-session Windows 10 WVD VMs configured with phase1 and more to come. Can you help me with the process how we get them in to our sccm console and create collection and deploy patches using sccm.

    • The process is just like:-

      Adding boundary of WVD into SCCM boundary and groups
      Install Clients (I don’t know how you are installing WVD VMs if using the custom image you can include SCCM client)
      Then create a collection based on the Multi-session OS version


        Yes ji, Its Custom image and I am sure the client is part of it.
        I am not seeing the WVD machines reporting to our console. ( not discovered yet ) So, I think first we need to add to AD system discovery and have the boundaries created and then we should be ready to go. right Sir.

  1. You can use either SCCM or Intune.

    SCCM supports multi-session Windows 10 WVD VMs

    Intune supports only single session Windows 10 WVD VMs.

    However, we use SCCM or Intune to deploy patches and applications to WVD VMs

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