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    In the policyagent log it says deleting policy for this application deployment ID


    The error 0x8000ffff(-2147418113) translates to Catastrophic failure …that doesn’t mean anything… You need analyze the app deployment flow and troubleshooting flow which is mentioned in Nitin’s post here.

    1. PolicyAgent.log – Request Assignment client GUID, Policy Source, NetBios Name, Policy Type
    2. CCMMessaging.log – Sending Remote Sync Message
    3. MP_Policy.log – client fetches the policies from the SCCM Database.. Policy ID will be visible.
    4. DataTransferService.log – Download details of app content – DTSJob
    5. PolicyEvaluator.log – Locked RequestedConfig Successfully
    6. CIAgent.log and CIDownloader.log – CI Agent is triggered to download the complete content of CI and related SDM packages
    7. AppDiscovery.log – App Discovery component takes the command to detect the application on the client machine
    8. ExpressionSolver.log – evaluation FALSE – detection logic details
    9. AppIntentEval.log – Check for requirement, supersedence, dependency defined in Application
    10 AppEnforce.log – SCCM Application Model Troubleshooting – Configuration Manager Client Side- ConfigMgr

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