760 devices which are of 2008r2 are in unknown status


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Team, I have an issue for compliance update reports. Some 760 devices which are of 2008r2 are in unknown status. All devices are active. Please help me to fix the issue

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Manju Raju 11 months 2020-06-11T12:17:21+05:30 4 Answers 148 views Beginner 1

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    This is software update scan compliance report or software update deployment report or software update baseline report?



      Software update group status… Its showing 760 devices are in unknown status… But same on deployment part is showing 147 devices due to this compliance report is not up to mark


    There could be various reasons for this unknown status ?
    Difficult to say without checking logs or the health of the CM agent on the servers
    Hope you have performed the basic checks like these machines are able to perform scan etc ?


      All clients are active… Nothing much from logs but wsus scan results shows completed scan but with errors. Error is due to stack os servicing

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