A network related or instance specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL server

I am creating four virtual machines in the azure free trial.
when I am installing prerequisites of the primary site in sccm;
I am getting this error; please tell me how to solve this issue.
May be an image of text that says "i Local Server AllServers and Storage Services CERVER MANAGER Roles eatures Wizard Database Instance Selection You Begin installation Selection Specify existing database server (Machine Uinstance name) install the WSUS server Failed connect th Exception detail Anetwork- related Roles Features Web Rolc Services WSUS Services Content Instance that found error occurred while .connection Rol Server) connecton instance provider: Named Pipes Prenous"
Posted by Satish Kumar P in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Rimo Cantha

    Are you have to permit your account sccm admin on the local group server database?
    And make sure you add permission also in your database for your sccm account adm

    Replied by SingGun Psn
    Did you set 1433 on console config SQL and restart all SQL services. And check your database service start?

    Replied by Rara Manila

    Try logging in as the local administrator. And reperform connection to DB if it goes well I think this is an SPN issue.
    If it does, download a Kerberos ConfigMgr on the SQL server and fix the spn.


    Replied by James Howe
    You need to enable named pipes on the SQL server and ensure that the firewall and nsg allow access.

    Replied by Rimo Cantha
    Please check your firewall, make sure you disable the firewall on Server Database and try again.

    Replied by Rimo Cantha
    Can you try ping from the server database to server MECM?
    Its replay?

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