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Hi Guys,

I have a domain called root.com and a child domain called child.root.com.

I need to manage clients on the root.com domain as well as on the child.root.com domain.

My first question is, would it be any problem if I install my primary site server on the child.root.com domain and then configure the site to publish information on the root.com domain?

And my second question related to this too would be.  Do I need to extend the schema of my child domain if the parent is already extended?

thanks in advance and best regards,

Guillermo Vélez

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    Guau Annop that was super fast!! 🙂 I wasn’t expecting this to be answered even today….
    Thank you so much!! That fully solved my doubts.

    Congratulations for the forum. It’s excellent.


    Hello – Pls find the answers below:

    1. Yes you can install Primary server on child.root.com domain and manage root.com devices
    2. No, you don’t need to extend the AD Schema. But you might need to create a System Management container in child.root.com

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