Active Directory System discovery not discovering all the computers in the OU.


I am trying to discover the machines from AD, but few machines are not discovered through AD system discovery SCCM. Checked NSlookup from both the end. All seems to be fine resolving. Need your inputs on this please.

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    I somehow feel these machine account is disabled in AD
    Did you check if they have A record and PTRs as well ?

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    Yes, only few machines are not getting discovered.

    Yes few machines from different OU as well. I have given the Root LDAP query for the discovery.

    I see the below error in adsysdis.log

    GetIPAddr – Host not found resolving FQDN “computername”.
    GetIPAddr – Retry with system name “computername”.
    ERROR: GetIPAddr – GetAddrInfoW() for “computername” failed with error code 11001.
    ERROR: Machine “computername” is offline or invalid.

    But all the required DNS records are there and can resolve the hostname.


    You mean only few machines are not getting discovered ?

    Are they residing in different OU within AD where you MECM discovery is not extended or configured to that specific OU ?

    What is adsysdis.log saying ?

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