Admin share (Admin$) of Primary site server not accessible from IBCM serve (in DMZ network but also to access C$ from IBCM to sccm Primary site server)


from IBCM server (which in DMZ zone) unable access sccm primary site server

\hostnameadmin$ but we able to access \hostnamec$

please help to sort out this issue.

is require special permission on sccm primary “c Driver – hostnameusers”-?


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Dinesh Gore 11 months 2020-05-14T04:48:38+05:30 10 Answers 191 views Beginner 0

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    Also how about RPC and RPC dynamic ports ?


    is it at least prompt for user name and password when you access ?


    Typically 445 you need for smb access. Hope all the required ports are open.


      Yes port 445 opened between both server

      even able to access \\hostname\c$ from IBCM server to sccm primary server

      also im able to access sccm primary server to IBCM server \\hostname/admin$

      issue with only from IBCM server to SCCM primary server \\sccmprimary\admin$


    You need to open firewall ports to have those accesses … isn’t it

    Have you tried portquery.exe to check firewall ports

    Is this server hosts mp, DP?


      Yes Firewall port 445 bidirectional opened,

      able to access c$ from IBCM server to SCCM primary site server but unable to access
      but unable to access \\sccmprimarysitehostname\admin$ from SCCM IBCM server.

      even if access from SCCM Primary site serer to sccm ibcm server \\ibcmhostname\admin$ able to access.

      unable to understand exactly where issue. is there any addtional FW port requrie
      exepct 445. From DMZ server to sccm primary server.?

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