Adobe Reader 3rd party Update failing to install – Failed to download updates to the WUAgent datastore. Error = 0x800b0109.


Hi team,

I am trying to deploy 3rd party Adobe reader updates and its failing to install with error – Failed to download updates to the WUAgent datastore. Error = 0x800b0109.

Its related to certificate only.

I have followed the link – SCCM Third-Party Software Updates Setup Step By Step Guide 1 ( and selected configuration manager manage the certificates.

But still i dont see the WSUS Publisher self signing certificate on the client side.

I dont think there is a need to deploy this certificate separately by GPO or SCCM package.

Could you let me know why the clients or not receiving the certificates automatically?

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    I have seen this last time and un-subscribe and re-subscribe has worked. Also if you have already created a software update group please delete it and then create a new SUP group after re-subscribe and then try to download. It worked for me.

    Just FYI for reader DC there was a new Download url

    Previously used url is

    When I set this up, I mainly used these 3 articles.

    Good Luck 🙂

  1. These are certs? MMC and try to check the cert and event logs to understand why the cert’s are not getting deployment?

    1. WSUS (Publishers Self Signed) – Code Signing – Only WSUS Server 2. Trusted Publishers – WSUS Server & Client 3. Trusted Root Certificate – WSUS Server & Client


      Hi Anoop,

      For SCCM client install we use PKI and that works fine.
      For 3rd party updates, we have selected Configuration Manager to manage certificates.
      So for some reason i dont see the WSUS WSUS Publisher Self Signed added to Trusted Root Certificate and Trusted Publisher on client machines.

      I dont think we need to deploy this certificate to client machines by GPO or SCCM package deployment as Configuration Manager should manage these certificate automatically.

      Issue is only installing 3rd party updates like Adobe Reader.

      Please let me know your thoughts.

      • Have you checked whether the certificates are available in the client machines?


          The certificates are not available on client.
          Since we use PKI certificates for our SCCM client, should i select Manually manage certificates On Third party updates tab.
          Right now i have selected default settings – Configuration Manager manage the certificates for 3rd party updates.

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