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Can we create ADR (Automatic Deployment Rule) for Third Party Patching in Configuration Manager?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I tried this …. in the ADR … it’s possible but no patches are getting displayed in preview! Do you see the same?
    Software Updates:
    • Product: Multiple (9)
    • Vendor: “Dell” OR “HP Business Clients” OR “Lenovo”

    You can follow the SCCM ADR Creation process –

    • Automatic Deployment Rule: 3rd Party
    • Collection: All Windows 11 Devices
    • Action that rule should create: Create New Update Group
    • Enable Deployment on successful execution of rule: Yes
    Deployment Settings:
    • Send wake-up packets: No
    • Verbosity Level: Only success and error messages
    • Only deploy software updates that do not require a license agreement: No
    Software Updates:
    • Product: Multiple (9)
    • Vendor: “Dell” OR “HP Business Clients” OR “Lenovo”
    Evaluation Schedule:
    • Use a custom schedule to evaluate this rule: Occurs every 30 days effective 11/11/2021 4:48 AM
    Deployment Schedule:
    • Deployment schedules will be based on: Client local time
    • Time between rule run and deployment available: 4 Hours
    • Time between deployment available and deadline: 7 Days
    • Delayed enforcement on deployment: No
    User Experience:
    • User Notifications: Display in Software Center and show all notifications
    • Install software updates outside the maintenance window when deadline is reached: No
    • Restart system outside the maintenance window when deadline is reached: Suppressed
    • Commit changes at deadline or during a maintenance window (requires restarts): Allowed
    • If any update in this deployment requires a system restart, run updates deployment evaluation cycle after restart: No
    • If a restart is required it will be: Allowed
    • Enable ADR alerts on failure: Yes
    • On update installation error generate a Window Event: No
    • Disable Window Event while updates install: No
    Success: No package specified for the software updates
    Download Settings:
    • Computers can retrieve content from remote distribution points: Yes
    • Download and install software updates from the fallback content source location: Yes

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