Advise for Patches install wsus will be Sufficient.. or any Third-Party tool in the market

Hi All,
In my environment total clients are 410no. Including 60 window server 2019 and 350 windows 10 Desktop systems.
Please advise for patches install wsus will be sufficient.. or any third-party tool in the market. I have no experience with SCCM.
Posted by Narender Sharma in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Jason Santoro

    Are you only concerned with windows and office patches? If you need 3rd party patches you need to look into a 3rd party catalog

    Replied by Narender Sharma
    Jason Santoro yes window and office patches only.

    Replied by Jason Santoro

    We have 2500 clients plus another 1000 servers and use sccm to deliver patches without any issue.
    We also have integrated CMG to deliver patches to clients over the internet.


    Replied by Martin Schellin

    I would prefer ADRs to deploy updates automatically to your clients/server. There are several howto guides available.…/

    Replied by Prakhar Sahu
    For 410 machines WSUS is perfectly fine. Just don’t dig into compliance

    Replied by Tarun Thareja
    WSUS is fine

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