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If I want to know what software installed on a computer, does analytics have that information? I believe that it does. I don’t believe this information is sourced from MEMCM either, it’s returned by Windows 10 to the cloud service.
If we want a second source of information to verify some of what MEMCM is returning, what is the best options to use ?

We need to learn if Desktop Analytics can provide that information ?

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  1. Any reply to the above questions pls?

  2. Hi,

    You can try to fix the inventory not update machines issue.


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  3. Thanks Karthikeyan and Harjit. We can able to fetch the installed applications only when inventory happened on the machines and what we defined in inventory but where are certain machines or application doesn’t contain a inventory so is there any way to fetch it ?

    Adding to the above point what are the information passing to the cloud and how to check that what days that telemetry is processing ?

  4. As Karthikeyan mentioned, this info is available in the SQL database. You can also use the resource explorer in ConfigMgr, CMPivot, Queries, and some reports.

    As for the Desktop Analytics with MEMCM, you need to tenant attach your ConfigMgr site to the cloud and have at least a P1 license.

  5. Hi,

    If you want to know the software installed details on all machines. I would prefer to use SCCM inventory report.

    That will fulfill your requirements.

    If you are okay then i will share the SQL query. Using that query you can get the report.


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