Any Windows 10 feature update not showing in window servicing in sccm


HI Anoop,

I am unable to see windows 10 feature update in sccm — WIndows servicing > all window feature updates.

SUP and WSUS is hosted on windows 2019 serverĀ  and SCCM verion is 2011. We are able to see feature udpate in wsus however same is not visible in wsysmgr.log and console.

I have tried to deselect the product and run syn and post select as well however result is the same.

Let me know if someone has faced the issue or has fix this fix.


Kashif Ali

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    Yup we did.
    We will uninstall and reinstall sup and see if thay helps.

  1. Hi, I have seen this issue and it’s normally solved by the method that you already tried.

    1. Deselect particular classifications and products that you are having issue
    2. Sync
    3. Select classifications and products
    4. Sync again

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