Anyone have migrated devices on e primary site infr to another Primary site environment

  1. Primary site server to another Primary site on boarding clients

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    Here’s a doc from Microsoft regarding migrating SCCM clients:

    If you have done all the required steps to migrate your site, you can use this script to assign to the new site:

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    Are your primary servers are under the CAS or it’s entirely a different standalone primary

    My recommendation is to use the following post and script


      Thanks for the response.

      It’s not CAS.

      Both are different primary site.

      Our company acquired by parant company and they don’t want use existing Primary site of child company. Also two different Domain but they have Trust relationship.

      All I need is child company client devices to be managed through Parant company Primary SCCM site server

      If you could assist with best solution approach it will be great


        Yes sure.

        – Make sure you have configured all the boundaries correctly on to the destination server.

        – Hope you have two way forest trust between two domains

        – Remove all the old primary server entries from system management container

        – Use above script to change primary server site code of your clients

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