Anyone implemented IBCM?


We are planning to implement IBCM , want to understand how a client on internet identifies the public names of IBCM Servers?

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    Strongly recommend to go for CMG instead of IBCM.

    However if you are still going with IBCM

    The communication between client and server is based on certificates (PKI). You need external issued certificates (Web Server and Client authentication)

    IBCM server also needs to have a public DNS registered . When the machine is on internet it changes its behavior of presence as currently in internet (If you see the properties of MECM agent applet in control panel)

    Post successful IBCM implementation you will also see the MP information (IBCM) being populated in the client agent properties in network section.

    On high level this is how agent initiates communication when it is on internet and authentication happens using PKI certs.

    Quite a lot of considerations like placing server in DMZ , opening number network ports , certificates etc.

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    I would recommend trying out modern way like CMG instead of IBCM


    i have one setup. i used this article to set it up. i worked with other teams in my org to get it setup as i dont have access to DNS.

    The Internet fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of site systems that support Internet-based client management must be registered as host entries on public DNS servers

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