App deployment status reports doesn’t show some machines which are part of the deployment


I’m having an issue where the app deployment status reports do not show some of the PCs that are part of the collection. But in the logs of the PC, I can see app deployment was success and software is present in the PC. H/w inventory report also confirm the same. But 600+ PCs out of 24k for a deployment is having this behaviour. Any help is appreciated.


Note: this is not a summarization issue I believe as the software was installed 2 months back on most of those 600+.

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    It cloud be various reason why few machines are not showing in deployment status report even if the machines are part of deployment collection.
    Hope you are using Application deployment model.

    1. Deployment status report doesn’t capture if the machines are inactive.
    2. If you used phased manner deployment (Eg: deployment created for 10 machines then later using same collection you are adding machines in phased manner).
    3. Machines added to that collection and due to some reason if the same machines are removed from respective deployment collection.

    In such kind of cases, you can use hardware inventory report that will tell you if the application is manually installed report also.


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    Have you tried custom SQL queries and see if you get status in that?

    I personally dont use that much of inbuilt reports of SCCM.

  1. I think this is something to do with detection rules …

    I have similar experience with Firefox installations

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