App deployment status showing ‘content downloaded’ but installation not getting triggered even after waiting for few days.


Need a help guys.. we noticed a behaviour with majority application deployments. Three will be some machines (5-10 percent) with status as content downloaded but the installation is not getting triggered automatically. We could see content in cache, appdiscovery logs shows that application not discovered, policyagent log shows that application policy is received. What could be the issue and what can be done to get this fixed?

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    You have likely deployed this app as “Available” vs “Required”. You will not get an application to install on it’s own if it was deployed as “Available”, unless it’s manually triggered by the end user using Software Center or if supersedence is used.

    If it was deployed as “Required”, then check your deadline time for installation and also the detection logic for the app. Share some screen shots of your application especially the installation options and detection section.

    Also, I’m doing a session with HTMD this weekend on applications with supersedence. Join if you can.

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    Probably a stupid question.

    I hope these apps are deployed as required applications.

    If it’s a required app deployment, the trigger should come from WMI events (if I’m not wrong) at the scheduled time.

    If that is not happening, there could several possibilities:

    You can check :

    – event logs to understand whether there is an issue with WMI
    – The maintenance window is set or there any conflict over
    – Bussiness hours set in correctly in Software Center etc…
    – Best way to anlyse this is to compare a machine without any issue with one of these 5-10 % machines


      This is indeed a required deployment. Will check the event viewer as suggested and update here. Thanks Anoop.


        Checked the logs and event viewer. Verified the deployment settings. Required, outside maintenance window checked, deadline is past time. Majority machines received the deployment. Wmi is healthy. PC downloaded the content but no further progress in the appenforce.log. appdiscovery.log says, app not discovered. Anyone faced such issue and found a workaround? Or is this issue unique to my client?


          – the only other thing you can do is deploy newly created applications to those clients and check whether this happening only with one app or all the apps

          – Timezone and time sync with time server (domain controller in most of the scenarios) are working.

          – Try to disable anti virus Softwares etc…

          I don’t have any further suggestions on this. So complex to troubleshoot on if you didn’t find clues anywhere 🙁

          Let’s us know how did you resolve issue whenever you are able to fix

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