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I am trying to fetch a report for all users who  requested the application along with their comments that they have submitted in Software center. I know that these comments can retrieve from SCCM console under “Approval Request” or SQL table UserApplicationRequest. However, when I approve the same request with my comments under “approver’s comment” section it gets override. Now If I run the query, it will show only my comment and not the user’s.

I noticed, if I open the property of that particular request, I do see the comment made by user. That means it is recorded some where. I use WMI explorer to see if this is getting capture in any of the class but could’t find any.

Is there a way to pull the comments of all those users who requested the application at sometime and now it is in approved state.
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    Yes It worked. I had to create a SQL query to the right information together though.
    Thanks Anoop.


      Hello Srishti,

      Could you please share the query? I got the same requirement but somehow i am unable to get the desired output from USerApplicationRequestHistory no matter how much left join i do :)

  1. I don’t have the answer to your question.

    But I understand the automatic deletion of approval data only happens for Canceled or Rejected actions after 30 days.

    Can you also check the table USerApplicationRequestHistory?

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