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Hi 👋 fellow experts

I am helping a customer move from MECM to fully cloud based using Intune/Autopilot and also to WVD.

they are global and have many applications in their mecm environment.

my initial plan was to convert the mecm exe and msi to intune win32 prep apps however I am thinking whether msix would be useful for any apps more designed for WVD.

just wanted to understand other people’s thought process. what other things would you consider.


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    Thanks both

    My only concern is that with MSI-X its in preview and its not suited for all applications such as drivers, virus software etc.

    The client uses a 3rd party patching solution from patch my pc and my thinking is if they presented in Intune and customer purchased correct integration of 3rd party patching with Intune, they have a mechanism to manage updates of those apps.

    I think on Anoop C Nair response around packaging efforts, whether its Intune or MSI-X both will need to be done from scratch, the client does not want to use MECM moving forward so really only have these two options.

    It seems that the client does have App-V apps as they have Citrix, so as long as the App-V apps are v5 I can use the MSI packaging tool to convert those to MSI-X (hopefully easy) and the use the logic in MECM to build out the apps using the Intune Winprep tool with the detail from MECM around detection rules, install and uninstall commands etc.

    Any thoughts on this approach is appreciated, appreciate its the long winded approach but without the use of MECM I dont see what other options are available especially with WVD Multi-session where support is pretty lacking at the moment.

    Thank you

  1. Hello I have seen many organisations are thinking that way from a long terms strategy perspective.

    MSIX is the way to go!

    Is this really feasible for your project goals? Most of the time it’s not because

    1. Most of the vendors are not supporting / providing MSIX package
    2. Your packaging efforts to convert every version / update of application will be sky rocket ?
    3. Microsoft support to convert vendor applications to msix ?
    4. Etc…

    So from a project perspective (99%) better bet is IntuneWin until software vendors start producing msix packages …

    What you say


      i agree with Anoop. We also have same enviroment setup as Isotonic has. I think you have to split your your focus between regular endpoints with Windows Virtual Desktop. For MEMMI endpoints use IntuneWin (since it is only a wrapper) for rapid (scriptable) convert MECM apps. And use MSIX for your WVD enviroment only. MSIX package keeps your Windows Virtual Desktop Images or persistent desktop clean for easy patching and redeployment. Hope this helps. Btw, i find MSIX not yet very stable but my knowledge is now +8 months outdated.

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