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I have a query, please help me clarify.

Is it possible to classify applications in MECM based on category, example tier 1 Apps, Tier 2 apps and make the Apps visible to users based on the Tier2 in Software Center, please share your inputs

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    Yes you can check below point also go through article from Microsoft.

    In version 1902 and earlier, user categories only apply to available deployments to user collections. If an application is deployed to a computer collection, the user categories are ignored.
    Starting in version 1906, user categories for device-targeted application deployments show as filters in Software Center. These deployments can be either available or required.
    Renaming or deleting a category doesn’t automatically apply to apps with this category. These changes apply on the next revision of the app. To work around this issue for rename or delete:
    First clear the checkbox for the category on any app that references it. Then apply that change, which revises the app.
    Instead of the rename action, next create a new category with the new name, and add the new category to the relevant apps.
    You can delete the category after you revise the apps.

  1. Hello, Whatever you have the requirements, I think SCCM Application Groups will help you to achieve this! I would love to hear more from you in more details.

    More details here –

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