Application deployed in required not shown


Application deployed in required mode status showing as success ,available in software center but it’s not showing anywhere in device

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    This is due to application detection method was not set properly. Check the appintenteval.log-> This will validate app installed status and detection method.

  1. Have you checked the logs?

    You need analyze the app deployment flow and troubleshooting flow which is mentioned in Nitin’s post here.

    1. PolicyAgent.log – Request Assignment client GUID, Policy Source, NetBios Name, Policy Type
    2. CCMMessaging.log – Sending Remote Sync Message
    3. MP_Policy.log – client fetches the policies from the SCCM Database.. Policy ID will be visible.
    4. DataTransferService.log – Download details of app content – DTSJob
    5. PolicyEvaluator.log – Locked RequestedConfig Successfully
    6. CIAgent.log and CIDownloader.log – CI Agent is triggered to download the complete content of CI and related SDM packages
    7. AppDiscovery.log – App Discovery component takes the command to detect the application on the client machine
    8. ExpressionSolver.log – evaluation to FALSE – detection logic details
    9. AppIntentEval.log – Check for requirement, Supersedence, dependency defined in Application
    10 AppEnforce.log – SCCM Application Model Troubleshooting – Configuration Manager Client Side- ConfigMgr

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