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Hi All,

We need to deploy FireEye HX Agent in Endpoints for Windows (Servers/Workstations).

The setup include 2 files ..

  1. Configuration.json
  2. Fireeye_HX_Agent.msi

If it would have been a single MSI file….I used to push it via SCCM easily.

But here we need the configuration file as well on the endpoint along with msi file to complete the setup.

What all sort of process i should follow.. in this scenario…!!

How we can deploy this via SCCM. … Need Help…


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    Hi Jitesh,

    Thanks for your reply. I am able to get this installed via Script. Looks like there was some issue in script itself.

    Thanks anyways…!!

  1. Hello Deepak, What’s the installation behavior of this app? How you approaching to install it manually, In the same way you can proceed with SCCM.

    Does keeping both file Configuration.json & Fireeye_HX_Agent.msi in same directory along with Installational script is not working?

    Can you brief the details, As I haven’t tried to install it yet

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