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I need your assistance regarding an issue that I am currently working on where we have heavy applications in GBS that we are trying to install on a machine with the help of a task sequence.

The Total Size of all the applications combined would be more than 50GB and we have deployed the task sequence in available mode on a testing collection with 2 machines however we have waited for some time but still, task sequence is not available in software center under application TAB.

We have checked the device and removed other uses logged into it leaving the current one to avoid conflicting, also the date and time of the device are as per the local time. We have also checked and under the scheduling tab, we did not select UTC timezone to make this TS available ASAP in the software center.

I have checked the policy agent with the deployment ID of task sequence and it’s started downloading the policy of that deployment however Can someone help me with the steps that I should keep in mind while tracking the deployment of the application using task sequence stepwise so I could know things are happening just fine and track it?


Arvind Dubey

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    Hi Ankit,

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    Dear Anoop/ Akit,

    Thanks a lot for your time and effort in this opened thread and I was able to resolve this issue after long digging so hoping my experience would help someone out in future if faced with the same issue so sharing it here :

    I was able to resolve this and after checking I found the operating system tab was missing on the software center and I was hoping to see this getting populated in the application tab. After creating a custom client setting and deploying that to enable the operating system tab in the software center deployed task sequence got visible  . Hope this could be helpful to someone 🙂

    Again thanking Anoop for voting up my question and Ankit for his valuable input. Glad and so happy to be a part of this community :).

    Arvind Dubey

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    HI Ankit,

    Thanks a ton for your time and sharing the experience on this and this would help a lot. Need your assistance with one more doubt that I have that is this task sequence not even showing in the software center.

    We had a OSD task sequence as per the organization need and we disabled all the OSD related steps and left the one with the application but it’s not not all appearing in software center. I guess in general scenario it would appear in application tab in task sequence right?

    Could you help me figure out why this is not getting appear as I have googled and applied and cross-verified all possible ways? It just won’t appear in software center?

    Did you face such an issue and happen to know the workaround that could help me too in this case.

    Arvind Dubey


    I used the non OSD task sequence while performing ESU key activation , as it required lot of prereq updates to be installed and in a particular order.

    So I created application for each update and then placed them in order.My task sequence had 3 reboots as well and it went perfect.

    appenforce.log is enough to check the status of application getting installed but parallel checking the smsts log will also tell you the current step running and if you have mentioned any condition.

    One more thing to check is that are you downloading the content completely before running the task sequence or downloading as an when required when running the each step.Check below link which tells application settings and deployment type for TS, there have been some changes in 2002 version.

    Other than this I don’t see any other hurdle why the task sequence is taking too much time.


    Hi Ankit,

    Thanks a lot for your response!

    All the above steps are correct and in order and we have checked the sequence again and do not find any issue with it.

    When we deploy applications using task sequences with a non-OSD purpose should we be looking for the SMSTS log? considering this is a NONosd task sequence that is created only for application deployment.

    Kindly help with the logs to look for in this case that I should check the assignment and everything is happening just fine with the TASK sequence used application deployment.

    We have waited and it’s taking so much time to get appear in the software under the application.

    Hope to have your help going ahead.

    Arvind Dubey


    1. First create and application with correct detection method and check teh box for that application should be available in task sequence without being deployed setting.
    2. Check for the application exit codes are defined properly.
    3. Create a Task sequence with steps including your applications.
    4. Check if any application requires reboot and mention that step accordingly.
    5. Check if there are any dependent applications also.
    6. You have to see if you want the application to continue on error or not.
    7. Check smsts.log and appenforce.log while task sequence is executing.

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