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Hi team,

We have packaged the SAP GUI application and deployed to our test machines. The application installation fails and gives the below error:

Error : The software cannot be found on any servers at this time.

The app enforce log gives the message that the error is due to an invalid script.

Problem: The application content gets downloaded into the ccmcache but disappears from there within two mins and the installation fails

I have now updated the application with the setting to persist the content in client cache however not sure whether it will work or not.

The content is properly distributed to DPs as in machines with high bandwidth it gets installed successfully.

Could you please let me know what can be done in this case.

Sccm version 2002

Please let me know what all additional information is required.

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  1. Any update on this issue ?

  2. You won’t get a better troubleshooting guide than this for application deployment

    ✔✅♻Deep Dive SCCM Application Model Troubleshooting – Client End ✳✳#Nitin_Chhabra✳✳ #SCCM #ConfigMgr #MEMCM #MEMPowered

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