Remove the application shortcuts from Public Desktop


Dear Team,

I got a request to Remove the application shortcuts from Public Desktop.

I figure it out and created a package using the following parameters.

Command Line: cmd /c “del /F /Q “AppShortcut.lnk”.

However, no luck. Could you please assist me to fulfil the request.

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Sagar 10 months 2020-09-21T08:34:57+05:30 4 Answers 78 views Beginner 0

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    As there is no reply hence closing the thread.


    Copy below command line and make a batch file see if it works.

    del “%PUBLIC%\Desktop\filename.lnk”


      Hello Ankit,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Thanks for the update, I verified given command is working fine. However, the requirement is to delete all the shortcuts is in the public folder.

      Here we need to mention the shortcuts name in the command, is there any way to delete all the shortcuts present in the public folder remotely in a bulk systems.

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