Auto-upgrade policy is disabled. Will skip this auto-upgrade execution for SCCM client.


Hi Experts,

We are using Auto upgrade client option in SCCM , post upgrading the environment to 2002.

But in CCMsetup log it says :

Auto upgrade policy is disabled , will skip this auto upgrade execution.

Can you please help from where it is taking this policy ?



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Ketan Kamble 1 month 6 Answers 103 views Beginner 0

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  1. Thanks Jitesh, I think post update I have highlighted 2 biggest bug of 2002.

    1. Client version is not getting changed for boot image.
    2. Client Auto upgrade feature is not working.


  2. As got to know! This issue was addressed by Microsoft. We can expect fix with upcoming future update. Will post the reference link If I will able to collect.

  3. No response hence closing the thread.

  4. I followed the same steps , But in our environment Client installation is failing for Pre-production client deployment with error in ccmsetup.log as Auto upgrade policy is disabled , will skip this auto upgrade execution.

    In Monitoring >
    Client deployment : Pre-production
    Compliance Status : Not Compliant
    Client auto-upgrade skipped.
    Last detail message : 5.0.8968.1042 Deployment auto-upgrade was cancelled

    • Hello Ketan,

      1.Is this your test lab or production environment?
      2. What settings are showing inside heirarchy settings of client upgrade, do you see the check box enabled for client upgrade?
      3. What is the Co figuration manager client package source version and date does it shoes the latest?
      4. Did you enabled pre production client upgrade during upgrade?
      5. What happens when you do client push installation does the client upgrades?
      6. Try to uncheck the Automatic client upgarde ,monitor hman.log see the settings are replicated in heirarchy,after some time again enable the automatic client upgrade and monitor hman.log.
      7. If it is test environment try to update the hotfix roll-up and see if it fixed the issue.

      Best answer
  5. This is the process you need to follow if you want to upgrade the client using Auto upgrade method

    Does that make sense ?

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