Automatically devices gets updated to new feature.


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Ours is co-management environment ( SCCM and Intune ). Only workload ( Windows update ) is set to SCCM and rest all set to Intune. Monthly updates and feature updates are managed from SCCM. The feature update we have deployed is 1909 and not above then that.

We are observing few devices in our environment , the auto feature updates are showing available in windows update settings. If we click it on it will get updated.

And in group policy – the configured automatic updates are set to ” Not configured “.

Please advise how we can control this windows update. In windows update setting the updates should not to be shown.





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    If you have not disallow ‘Check for Updates’ through policy then endpoints can update automatically or a user initiate it using that option. I find it more pratical to deploy a registry key to set a baseline version and thus disallowing upgrade to a higher version.
    Right-click on Windows Update and select New > * Dword (32-bit) Value.
    Name it TargetReleaseVersion.
    Set its value to 1.
    * String Value.
    Name it TargetReleaseVersionInfo.
    Set its value to the desired target version, e.g.
    2004 for Windows 10 version 2004.
    1909 for Windows 10 version 1909.


      Thanks for your input Dune,
      By setting the registry settings on the end points. Will there be any other challenges ( Like synching MS Store for update..or any other challenges ).
      Please advise.


      No just for WfU. And if you like to take control over Ms Store you should setup Microsoft Store for Business

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