Before upgrading SCCM what are all the backups we will take usually ?


We are planning to upgrade SCCM version 1902 to CB 2002. earlier used to take server snapshots before upgrade. This time due to storage issue our wintel team cannot support us.

please help me to take the backup to roll back if anything goes wrong.

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    First, make sure you have the “Backup Site Maintenance” task enabled, which will cover SCCM related things for backup. Then, backup plans of your databases in SQL such as CM, Reports, SUSDB, etc.

    I have never done a manual backup prior to installing an upgrade of ConfigMgr from the Updates and Servicing menu in the ConfigMgr console. The main thing you should always do is run the pre-requisite check first which will let you know if you have an issue to fix or not. Then, hit upgrade and it just works.

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    All you need is a healthy SQL backup.

    Not needed but still if you prefer you can have the site back (including Inboxes) from the Maintenance tasks.

    Nothing else.


    We had a similar question in this forum. Here

    I have not seen any issue with recent SCCM CB upgrades. Most of the issues during the upgrade is handled via support tickets with Microsoft. More details

    The only supported rollback option is to take the SCCM backup (+ SQL DB) and restore it from the backup.

    More details about SCCM backup and recovery is explained

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