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I need a suggestion from you ,

What is the best practice to deploy applications ina SCCM:

Give access to the SCCM console to add computer to the Collection?


Create a AD group for each application and computer to this AD group?


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    Hi Pati.
    Thank you for your response.
    I don t need to give admin access to the console for the helpdesk , i can restrict access to only add machine to collection.

  1. Hi,

    Both options you can try. You need to decide which option is suitable for you according to your environment.

    If you want to use add machines to the collection then need to restrict access for the admins. If you don’t wish to allow them full access to the SCCM console.

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    Both options are fine.

    If you want to give access in SCCM console then you need to limit the access by using RBAC.

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