Best sccm paperback book for reference and exploring?


Hi, I am a sccm admin but would like to have a book that I can read and have for hands on referencing. Can anyone recommend the best and most up to date book please?

id like a book as I find it easier on an evening to browse and read for enhancing my understanding rather than looking on overwhelming information on the web.

many thanks.

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  1. I think MEM Intune books are more in the market now. Configuration Manager is moved to Intune and probably that is more appropriate to study.

    However, I understand your question, and the latest ConfigMgr – Honestly we don’t have any particular suggestions or recommendations.

    Try this free resource of ebooks

    And Free HTMD SCCM Training course –

    MEM Books
    Learning Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Unified Endpoint Management with Intune and the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite Paperback – 8 March 2021

    Mastering Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Deploy and manage Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 365 on both physical and cloud PCs

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