Bit Locker Management in SCCM v2002



BitLocker Enablement in SCCM v2002 .

Anyone tried this…

How do we enable SSL forĀ  SMS_MP_MBAM only within IIS .

Any Observations/Findings….So Far…!!

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Deepak Verma 7 months 4 Answers 240 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hey Karthikeyan,
    Thanks for reply…
    Already went through this article.
    Everything settled up in the Hyper-V Lab.
    I have created the Bit Locker Policy & testing it on Hyper-V Virtual Machine…
    MBAM client installed successfully but the policy didn’t work/implemented.
    Reading more on this…..Only a Handful of articles are only available.

  2. Hi,

    Now only started doing MBAM POC with SCCM 2002 version. I will share my experience once i get clear understanding.


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