Bitlocker Management in ConfigMgr 2010


Hi All,
I have a question regarding bitlocker management in ConfigMgr 2010
my currently environment is one primary site with 2 mps (each support different physical location).
I have enabled the bitlocker management feature and deployed my first bitlocker policy.
I noticed that the policy is deployed to pcs in both locations, and mbam agent is installed on pcs in both locations, but the encryption did not start in the 2nd location
do I need to set something related to mp in 2nd location so that the encryption works?

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    The first and Second location devices are the same model? Or different models?

    Can you check and compare the logs at client-side BitlockerManagementHandler.log to understand the issue a bit more?

    Other prerequisites are documented

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      Thx Anoop
      I found that one of the pcs logged in user was a local account, not a domain one
      once logged in with a domain account it works fine.

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