Bitlocker Management in SCCM Hybrid Infrastructure


Hello Experts,

Need you guidance  to manage Bitlocker in On-prem SCCM and Intune infrastructure. Would appreciate if you could suggest on the below quires.

Can we use Intune Bitlocker option instead of On-prem SCCM ? If yes what are the advantage and disadvantages.

Can we use Hybrid infra like ( SCCM + Intune ) for Bitlocker management ?


If we implement Bitlocker On-prem SCCM server. Can we migrate / facilitate / user Intune infra instead of On-prem SCCM later in future and how that will work ?

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  1. No response hence closing the thread

  2. What you meant by Intune management… does that mean you have co-managed devices and intune configuration profiles take precedence isn’t it ?

    I don’t have any list of comparison. However I would always go with Intune if that is acceptable for the security team.

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