Bug in June month KB


I see there is bug in below kb



Can we remove from sug and uninstall from deployed machines.

Please suggest on this


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  1. Hi Harjit
    Actually none of the users reported issues with printing in machines were kb4561616- version1607 & kb4561608 -version1809 is installed
    I am not sure whether we need to remove both of this as it’s cumulative update
    What is your suggestions

  2. Regarding the bug patches, Microsoft has released Out-of-Band patches to fix the issues.

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  3. Here’s the issues with those two patches you listed:

    To remove them from your deployments, right click on the updates, then select Edit membership, and then unselect the checkbox from any deployments listed.

  4. Hi,

    Yes possible to remove the update from existing SUG. for machines with already installed KB. There is no directly rollback method from SCCM to remove the updates on installed machines.

    You can use wusa.exe command with the help of that you can remove the updates on installed machines. But this cann’t applicable for all updates example like SSU updates are not possible to rollback.


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