Build a new SCCM Infra for 200 users?


We are building an isolated environment where 200 users exist and its going to be new domain. we dont want to use existing SCCM environment(ports will not be opened). We cant use CMG as it will not support PXE booting. We decided to build a new SCCM Infra with existing license. is it good solution? any other solution

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Ravilla Mohan 2 weeks 2021-10-06T12:27:59+05:30 1 Answer 9 views Beginner 0

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  1. I don’t think so …building a new SCCM infra just for 200 users … I would rathre build a Intune or Cloud device management solution for this use case if that is ok. I don’t know the exact requirements here but I think you would be able to manage 200 PCs with Intune for sure

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