Bulk Uninstallation of unneccesary Softwares


As per my client requirement, we need to uninstall unnecessary softwares in the systems. What is the best practise to do it. Do we need to write some script to do bulk uninstall or is there any other way to do bulk uninstall.

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  1. There is no universal uninstaller which you can use for uninstalling unwanted software.

    As mentioned by other experts here, firstly come up with list of unwanted apps then determine the most best suited un-installation method for each application.
    Some time it is possible that un-installation requirements may change depending upon the type of application and its behavior. you may go with app model or package model also

  2. It depends on the applications. The safe method is to deploy uninstallation of an application per application.

  3. Hi,

    First get the list of unwanted software list from customer and get those product code from respective site.

    Create batch file which contains all unwanted software uninstalled string.

    Use SCCM software application deployment model create the application and deploy to collection.


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  4. Hello – What you referring with uninstall unnecessary softwares ? Does it mean UWP or from defined listed software by organizations. Please explain.

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