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Currently we use Airwatch as MDM and admin studio tool for re-packaging. I am not sure about cost effective for this. now we started patching vm in azure

If we move to intune will that be cost effective for customer. Need your suggestions.

If we need to move then is only EMS license is enough?

Need your thoughts on this.

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  1. No responce on this thread …hence closing the thread.

  2. Microsoft 365 contains everything what you need for modern workplace ..end to end

    Best answer

    If we move then do we need to purchase license for Azure & MDM separately
    We can manage with EMS license as we seen in our training.

    I mean to ask can we use on-prem DC and have only EMS license

  3. When I say not comparable … it means Microsoft 365 is much more better positioned in terms of costing. And there is no comparison at all

  4. Microsoft 365 license cost is not comparable with any other MDM products in the industry IMHO.

    The companies must try to take a holistic view.

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