Can ADK be rolled back to 2004 from latest version (10.1.22621.1) on SCCM server


Currently having issues where client reboots while booting into SCCM boot image. It only started after upgrading to recent ADK.  I have attached SMSTS log. Any help would be much appreciated.

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smsts log

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    Hi Debabrata,

    Thank you for your advice.
    I did update both the boot images. I even created new boot image and added appropriate network drivers but the result was same. The smsts.log is complete and from location x:windowstmpsmstslog and this is before clients reboots.
    The rebooting issue was resolved by rolling back ADK to 2004(10.1.19041) which I believe is the last version of windows 10 ADK and is compatible with SCCM 2203.

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  1. Hi Durgesh,

    First of all the smsts.log which you shared is not clear. Did you update the default and customized boot image ?

    ADK can be rollback and you can install the previous version of ADK. But make sure your current version of SCCM also supports ADK.

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