Can we create a collection based on the task sequence success


Dear Team,

Could you please let me know, is there any way to create a SCCM query based collection based on the SCCM Task sequence execution status.

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    Hello Anoop,

    I’m able to fetch the above requirement by using deployment id from the SMS Client advert classes information.


    Hello Anoop,

    Thanks for the update.

    I could able to fetch the machines based on the TS execution status by using client advert table with last status message.

  1. Can’t we add a step into Task Sequence on the success criteria?

    The step can be a PSH script to add devices into a collection?


      Hello Anoop,

      Thank you so much the for the reply.
      We cannot do that with PS, as we have a multiple collections for the deployments, which we will do it based on the end user availability.

      • So, you can’t identify which deployment is which one from TS?

        I don’t have any other idea at the moment

        It is not easy to add devices to a collection based on status or state …. (I think)

        Best answer

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