Can we install SCCM 2010 configuration to Azure VM


Hi all,

Have requirement to build new SCCM (Site) server to Azure VM. I am assuming can we do that right but could not find exact details how can we do that?

  1. To configure SCCM server on Azure Virtual machine with all roles.
  2. SQL Server also to be configured on Azure Virtual machines.
  3. Create another DP to on-prem server.

Can you suggest how can we do that pls.




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    Hello Rajesh, For more details check Setup ConfigMgr LAB Infrastructure in Azure IaaS | SCCM | MEMCM –

    + Free SCCM Training Part 1 | 17 Hours of Latest Technical Content –

    Azure for ConfigMgr SCCM Admin
    How to Build SCCM Lab in Azure
    How to Configure SCCM Features

    All details available in above training content & Post. Please check and let us update!


    Yes, it is possible and it has own pro and con’s


      Thanks what kind of problem would be if i configure to Azure pls.


        The cost is the factor for this implementation. Microsoft charges for the Inbound (from AZure to on perm DP) and outbound (on Perm DP to Azure MECM) data flows. If your organization is fine with cost, then you can proceed.

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