Can we setup 2 CMG for 2 seperate primary in a single azure tenant?


Can we setup 2 CMG for 2 seperate primary in a single azure tenant?

These 2 primary are seperate and not connected to a CAS. They share the same AD domain and same Azure Ad and tenant as well.Machines are azure ad hybrid joined.Is

I have setup CMG in one primary… however the client from other primary is showing the CMG url in client settings.


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    Yes the VPN boundaries are used in both primary. After disabling site assignment in the boundary group settings…it’s now back to normal


    Multiple Configuration Manager sites can connect to the same tenant and Multiple sites can deploy CMG services into the same subscription

    This is mentioned in the Microsoft documentation here.

    Regarding the issue where the client agent from other site showing CMG URL. this needs client log verification as Anoop mentioned. Your starting point will be the location services log.

  1. About the cmg issue that is something different

    probably with boundary issue

    May be your vpn boundary same for both the primaries ?

    We might need to look into the client logs like locationservices to understand it better

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  2. Yes. I don’t think there is a limitation towards azure tenant. You can have n numbers of sccm cmg S in the same azure tenant !

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