Can we upgrade SCCM from 2002 to 2010 version


Hello Friends,

We are currently having SCCM infra on 2002 version.
We want to upgrade the SCCM to either 2006 or 2010 version.
Hence wanted to know,

1> Whether we can directly upgrade SCCM from 2002 to 2010 without first upgrading to 2006 version ?.

2> Do we need to install “Configuration Manager 2002 Hotfix (KB4575783)” before upgrading to latest version ?

3> Are there any issues or bugs with 2006 or 2010 version ?.

4> Which is the recommended version to upgrade now ?.

Please refer the attachment which shows the SCCM updates available to install in my console.

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Please provide me the suggestion & guidance asap.
Thank You

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    Hello Rohit,

    Yes! SCCM/ConfigMgr Version 2002 is supported for the upgrade to 2010.

    More details you can check – SCCM Server Upgrade to 2010 | ConfigMgr | Guide | Step by Step


    In below post you review the ConfigMgr 2010 Known Issues Fixes | SCCM ( Those issues are fixed by the latest version of Configuration Manager (a.k.a SCCM) 2103.


    It depends on your environment how basically you want to go, As SCCM 2103 Production version is already available and supported to upgrade from 2002 as well.

    More about SCCM 2103 Upgrade Guide | ConfigMgr | Prerequisites | Step by Step


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