Cannot find the Guid on SCCM


I have quite a lot guids that are coming as unregistered. I cannot find them on SCCM. How can I find these guids and register these devices.  Please see the picture below Guid unregistered

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  1. Hi

    Using this below sql query, we can comes to know that SMSGUID is belongs to which computername in SCCM DB.

    Select Sys.Name0, Sys.SMSID0, Sys.Domain0, Sys.SystemRole0 from
    dbo.v_GS_SYSTEM Sys Where Sys.SMSID0 = ”


  2. I just posted a fresh blog post to address the Duplicate GUID issues in a VDI environment.

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  3. I think you have the same problem because of DUPLICATE GUIDs.

    Are these VDI machines?

    Pls check

    The steps mentioned in the above thread might help to resolve the issue using collection method

    Also, make sure you have enabled the same – Automatically Conflicting Records

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