Cannot install sccm client on windows 7


Hi I have been working on SCCM 2016 1902 and got a windows 7 ulitmate client machine in which I am not able to install SCCM client via GPO

DC name: DC  SCCM Server name: SCCM   Client windows 7 name: Client

I have created  GPO for computer in an OU and client machine is in that OU

shared a folder on DC which has SCCM  setup and that can be accessed from Client. That share folder has permission for client pc and its users both.

Error on Policy

this is what I am getting the error on pc security policy.But I can access DC server where the ccmsetup is located

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getting event id 102 and 108


I am based in Melbourne happy to speak to someone on mobile or give remote to my lab if someone has a solution thanks


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    How many machines you have to install that you plan to use a GPO?
    All the above suggestions are good and should help point to the root cause.
    If you only have one machine to look at, did you try to install client manually and see if that succeeds?


    – Can you give everyone permission to share folder.
    – Firewall service should be in running mode and all profile should be off
    – sccm server hostname is need to be added in local admin group (administrators group)
    – sccm account should have added local admin group


      – I have already given everyone permission to share folder located on DC server
      – where firewall service should be running client or DC or SCCM server? or on all of them?
      – and could you please explain what do you mean by ” all profile should be off” and on what machine since I have 3 DC, SCCM & Client
      – sccm server hostname is SCCM on machine this name should be added to client?
      – sccm server local account has already being added to client admin group


    The GPO Resultant info states that it’s unable to verify that the source exist.
    Does Client Push installation work? You can enable “Software Update Based Client Installation” in SCCM, and then configure your GPO to point to your SCCM/WSUS server and the clients will get installed that way.


      I have tried Push installation but had no luck was following the below training videos

      thought to try from GPO as at the moment I only have 1 machine as a client which is windows 7 ultimate


    Hello – First of all you need to check

    – CCMSetup.log to understand what is happening on the client machine
    – Search for Return Value 3 in the log file and you will get the exact error few line above
    – In some scenarios, you also need to check clientMSI log file located in the same folder to understand more details of the error

    – Also, you need to make sure MP, DP are accessible from the client – locationservices.log will tell you more details
    – Make sure the Boundary groups are assigned properly
    – Make sure your client IPs are converted in that boundary group – > Boundaries
    – Make sure you have assigned DP, MP to that particular boundary group

    Pls reply to all these points to help you more

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