Ccm evaluation is failing for rule : SQL CE database is healthy ,on most of the workstation


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CCMeval.log – from client machine
Evaluating health check rule : Verify/Remediate SQL CE database is healthy. CcmEval 4/29/2020 4:28:12 AM 11476 (0x2CD4)
Database ‘StateMessageStore.sdf’ was recently repaired. CcmEval 4/29/2020 4:28:12 AM 11476 (0x2CD4)
Result: Failed, ResultCode: 1101, ResultType: 200, ResultDetail: StateMessageStore.sdf CcmEval 4/29/2020 4:28:12 AM 11476 (0x2CD4)

Sql log:

05/01/2020 11:43:47,Logon,Unknown,Service Broker login attempt failed with error: ‘A previously existing connection with the same peer was detected during connection handshake. This connection lost the arbitration and it will be closed. All traffic will be redirected to the previously existing connection. This is an informational message only. No user action is required. State 80.’. [CLIENT: IP ]

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    Hopefully is there any update , I am going to close this thread. Try to share the solution to help others in the community


    I tried re-installing the client on 2 workstation , but again on the next evalution it showed thr same error message.


    Excluding ccmeval and ccmevaltask log
    Any more logs i need to check on client and on primary server ?

    Anything i need to check on sql server ?

    Because it is also showing : Tape access reached a filemark


      I have no clue about this sql server and primary server.

      Go to sql dB and filter with name ‘client’

      But as I mentioned above you need to test this more with one client …


    And also try to find the root cause before fixing issue. 800 is large number … I don’t think reinstallation of 800 clients should happen ever because this issue.

    Is the client not able to get new deployments are policies?

    What is the exact issue you see at the client-side

    No Policies
    No Deployments
    Not able discover MP


      No issues are reported from the client side

      May be for patching we are using windows update for business so no one noticed any issue for client.

      But when i am clicking on client check this error is coming .

      I pasted the output from client evaluation log.


    select * from v_CH_EvalResults

    select EvalTime,Result,ResultType,ResultDetail,ResultCode,HealthCheckDescription

    from v_CH_EvalResults
    GROUP BY EvalTime,Result,ResultType,ResultDetail,ResultCode,HealthCheckDescription
    ORDER BY EvalTime DESC

    I ran this query to get all the machines with specific evaluation errors.

    As per your above mentioned document ,

    I have created different collection for the machines which are failing for SQL CE database is healthy parameter.

    Do we need to reinstall sccm client on all 800 machine no other option?


    Almost 800 workstations are having this issue , is there way that i can automate the remediation from sccm console ?


    In the microsoft document they mentioned to reinstall the configuration manager client and for some points they are mentioning Reinstall the client

    What is the difference between two ?


    As per the MS documentation – Verify that the Microsoft SQL CE database is healthy

    Resolution – > the Configuration Manager client ( )

    Or you can try the solution mentioned below

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