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Need someone’s expertise to understand the authentication procedure of clients with cloud management gateway.

As per the Microsoft current documentation if we have a cert issued by a known third-party cert provider like Digicert we don’t need the trusted root certificate for the client to trust the issuer.

But since the certificate authentication is a two process to even though the client would be able to trust the cert and the server identity so it could borrow the content from these servers how could the server trust the identity of these clients?

Need someone help does the client need to have some kind of cert or identity or certificate to make themselves trusted considering when they are not Hybrid/Azure Ad joined?

Hope someone’s experience can help me out to clear this confusion :).

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    Rajul explained this certificate/authentication method in details in the video that I shared the below forum thread

    Can you check

    High/Low level design document for Cloud Management Gateway?

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      HI Anoop,

      Thanks a bunch for this wonderful and elaborative video :).

      This is extremely educational and informative and has answered all of my queries :).

      Hope to have your support going ahead with other queries too.

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