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Hi folks,

In our Configuration Manager environment, we have a Distribution Point server DP1 which is currently serving some machines. However, we need to eliminate DP1, and point to another existing DP which is DP2. I am not much aware of what all must be done to achieve this.
Can you guide on what I need to consider, and what I need to do to point to DP2 in place of DP1, and how to get this done?
Note that both DP1 and DP2 are existing DPs in our environment.

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  1. Just need to configure the boundary group with site system servers DP2 and remove DP1 from the boundary group configuration as explained in the below post

    Once you are sure that all the clients are contacting DP2… you can start removing DP1 from your SCCM environment.

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      Thank you Anoop, this is very helpful.
      Apart from the Boundary Group configuration, it looks like I will also need to ensure that if I have any Content on DP1 which is not present on DP2, then I must move that content to DP2.
      Can I use the ContentLibraryTransfer tool for this?
      I am not sure whether the tool can be used to move only the content (from DP1) which may be missing on DP2.. or whether this tool is primarily used to transfer to an empty drive on the same DP only.
      Please advise. Thanks!!

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