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In a Enterprise Environment , where Client is registered with ConfigMgr..

  • What happens when we click on ‘Check for Updates‘ option for Windows Update under Settings when client on Intranet MP.
  • When we click on ‘Check online for Update from Microsoft Update
  • When we Click on ‘Check for Updates‘ when client is on Internet MP connected to IBCM

Checked & compared  Windowsupdate.log  but didn’t get much information.


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    I hope you are not using co-management and your workload related to software update is not moved to Intune/WUfB. Also, assuming that the only standard group policies are in place to make SCCM software updates to work.

    The following is the flow:
    1. Locationservices.log – Check whether it’s able to find WSUS Path= and Distribution Point with patches
    2. WUAHandler.log to check whether scan is completed or not
    3. Updatedeployment.log – Check for deadline of the assignment and Software Updates client configuration policy, DetectJob completion received for assignment, Added update (Site_, PercentComplete, etc…

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