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I would like to know the steps we need to consider while doing a clean up activity of Application.

Below is the steps which we have planned, please advise and update if any changes are required?

How to remove Applications from SCCM 2012, below are few steps:

Delete any active Deployments
Delete all the Deployment Types
Right-click the Application and select “Retire”
Right-click the Application and select “Revision History”
Starting at the bottom of the list, highlight each revision and click Delete
When you delete the last revision you’ll get a warning that proceeding will remove the application permanently. Click yes and you’re done
We need also check the Dependency, Supersede and Global Conditions.

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    Thanks, I will check on these information.


    I think you can go bit systematic on this isn’t it

    Label (rename the app to _Retired) it as retired or move the apps to retired apps folder and follow the process which you explained above.

    1- rename application to start with “Retired-”
    2- moving the source files from the source directory to a “Retired” directory
    3- update any DT source folder
    4- moving the application to a “Retired” folder in the SCCM console
    5- removing any active deployment
    6- if you use security scope, create and use 1 for retired application

    Also, make sure to remove the applications from DPs etc… before you start the deletion process which you explained in the question?

    More details process is even this is for 2012… I think you can follow this for ConfigMgr Current Branch versions like 1910 or later

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