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How we can get the size of client data inventory when we enable this? Inventory can be Software / Hardware or software metering, etc.,)
Is there any way we can find it.

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    Generally for design point of view each client database will be allocated with 5 MB

    for example if you have 5000 clients then 5 MB * 5000 = value



    Not sure what exactly you are looking when you say size of the inventory file.

    Basically it depends on the MIF file based what all information is gathered as part of inventory.

    During the first or initial full Inventory the MIF file can grow up to 5 MB and later it will be in KBs for all subsequent delta inventory.

    Default max size of the MIF file is 5MB and can be customized if you are collecting heavy data from the clients

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_INVENTORY_DATA_LOADER\Max MIF Size

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