Client installed and working but in the console says Client = No



Having an issue with a a small number of devices successfully installing the client but not showing as having the client in the SCCM Console. An upgrade from 2002 to 2010 from 1 month back performed although I don’t believe this is relevant. New deployments will show up in software center on the problem devices so they are communicating somewhat.

When I uninstallreinstallrepair or run the WMI fix listed at the end of this post, the device will briefly show up in the console as having the client but will later show client as no or the device will be missing from SCCM entirely until the system discovery is run again. Sometime it would display two entries for the device, one with the client and one without.


I have checked the following:

  • mpcontrol.log
    couldn’t see an issue in here
  • Configuration manager Properties (local machine)
    Shows the correctly assigned MP under the General Tab
    All the actions are listed
  • clientidmanagerstartup.log
    A couple of oldish error which may or may not be a problem:
    Unable to backup CCM Identity in any Identity stores. (0x8000ffff)
    Failed to open to WMI namespace ‘.rootccmvdi’ (8007045b)
  • Clientlocation.log
  • no errors. Finds the correct MP
  • ccmmessaging.log
    Old error which looks to have resolved: Status Agent hasn’t been initialized yet. Attempting to create pending event.
  • LocationServices.log
    Old error which looks to have resolved: Failed to persist AAD on-boarding info. Error 0x87d00227
  • Checked that the following resolve
  • MPRegistrationManager.log
    A few of the following errors but not many: Encountered database error while verifying headers for client ‘GUID:b1bd23d2-c6bd-4074-8adf-3341b15edea4’ (0x87d00238).
  • policyagent.log
    seems ok


I am testing some possible SQL issues of the back of the MpRegistrationManager.log which the below:

  • Select * from ClientKeyData where isrevoked = 1
  • Update ClientKeyData set IsRevoked = 0 where IsRevoked = 1


I am also testing a WIM fix:

  • winmgmt /resetrepository

Screenshot :EmSCCM

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  1. It seems this is a timing issue. Have you already resolved this?

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